Dear American People,

this night in Jackson, Georgia, Troy Davis has been murdered.

The legal responsibility of this death falls over american penal system, yes, but I think that it’s very important to consider all the cultural and moral aspects of the question.

Is death punishment the extreme manner of the state to defend itself?

Is acceptable this solution to the questions of violence?

Is a reasonable balancing to comparate an assassination, about the real author of which nobody is absolutely sure, to a death punishment?

Is death punishment a real operation of social pedagogics?

If, as it seems, Troy was innocent, how the Nation or People can give back to him his life?

And so on … I put some rethorical questions, I know.

But it’s necessary that someone ask to himself and to others if the situation could proceed in this method, in a great Country, in a great Democracy like U.S.A.

Somebody has told me this morning: also in China, in Iran many people are condemned to death, but this reflexion is weakling and absolutely no convincing under logical profile. In this case the comparation is between a great democracy and two authoritative political regimes.

I think that it’s possible to change, to improve the general human culture and ethics, that never must be against human reason and redemption possibility.

Also the spirit of Mark Mac Phail, the policeman murdered in 1989, I think, would agree.